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~ Brother - Mac DeMarco

Mac Demarco - Brother

~ Baby Blue - King Krule


King Krule - Baby Blue

Edging closer
You swing my way
I’ve got no chance
And nothing to say
But stay
Here for a while
Baby blue

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Besides cats, there’s nothing more commonly photographed than sunsets. In spite of that, Bing Wright manages to capture them in a truly unique way. 

In “Broken Mirror/Evening Sky,” Wright photographs the reflections of magnificent sunsets on shattered mirrors. 

Sunsets As Seen Through Shattered Mirrors

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Gray (Basquiat’s band) - I Wanna Go Back

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~ Skatin' - Deodato

Deodato - Skatin’

~ Corteguay - Antonio Carlos Jobim & Eumir Deodato

Antonio Carlos Jobim & Eumir Deodato - Corteguay


Gabriel Garzón-Montano - Everything Is Everything [Official Video]

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~ No More Love - Dam Funk

Dam Funk - No More Love

Connected Fest

Connected Fest